Our Solutions Speak For Themselves

2cana logoDurban-based 2CANA Solutions, market leader in providing IT services to the financial services industry, launched its Health Information Platform (HiP) to the SA healthcare sector a year ago. This
ground-breaking solution has made a major impact in the healthcare sector.

Efficiency is improved via HiP’s business process configuration and management tools while customer service is enhanced via HIP’s seamless multichannel communications centre. Better risk management is made possible by HiP’s intelligent decision support solutions and expert rules and protocol based processing.

20131111_DSC_0305_clipped_rev_12CANA’s Business Development Director, Charles Cowan, explained that the HiP platform’s modules are tightly integrated and this is key to enabling 2CANA’s clients to achieve service excellence. “From claims being fully processed in milliseconds to daily payment runs completed in under a minute, all processing is immediate and in real-time with no overnight or weekend batch processing”.

Over the past year, Private Healthcare Administrators (PHA) which manages the Pharos open medical scheme and a number of other schemes for large corporates has had firsthand experience of what HiP can achieve. PHA has been able to grow almost fivefold from 5 000 policy holders to over 22 000, with this growth largely enabled by the introduction of HiP.

The January 2013 migration onto HiP of Alliance Midmed (closed scheme for Africa’s largest stainless steel producer, Columbus Steel), was followed by the 15 000 member TopMed Medical Scheme. As Barbara Duffy, principal officer at TopMed Medical Scheme explains:

When choosing PHA, a key element was knowing that they partnered with 2CANA.The move on June 1 would not have been possible without the tireless work of the 2CANA team. As calls were switched over and an authorisation was loaded within the first five minutes, we knew we were in good hands!

Chief executive of Mediscor, Christo Rademan, agrees:

Mediscor has integrated our PBM system with more than 16 different health platforms. These can be very complex and sometimes difficult to implement. 2CANA’s skilful,innovative and thorough project management and development capability resulted in a high performance and reliable claims processing solution.”

2CANA has also worked closely with MediSwitch, a market leader in the transmission of electronic healthcare transactions.

As a result of the efficient manner in which the 2CANA team applied their resources, the real-time project went live in only 14 weeks.Furthermore, the professional manner in which the 2CANA team implemented this project resulted in a real time process that adds significant value to the industry. Claims from all healthcare disciplines are now able to be received, assessed and responded to automatically in real-time. Today 65 percent of Topmed and Midmed medical schemes claims are delivered by MediSwitch to the HiP system and processed responses are returned to healthcare professionals within an average time of two seconds,”

says Peter Kennedy, managing director of MediSwitch.

According to PHA’s chief operations officer, David van der Berg,

HIP underpins all four drivers within the PHA business model – its robust flexible system, strong managed care protocols, efficient administration system and trademarked Demand Management service.“The system is flexible, scalable, robust and reliable. 2CANA has designed the solution to successfully manage multiple schemes
with diverse and complex options.

In addition, HiP integrates easily to business partners. This flexibility enables us to rapidly adapt and to accommodate client requests,” he says.

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 “With its advanced design and leading technology, HiP provides us with the performance and reliability we need without having required extensive investment in infrastructure.. We consider this to be a key competitive strength. Through 2CANA, we have access to more than 20 years’ worth of Medical Schemes experience”