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By downloading and/or using this app you acknowledge and agree to the following

While the app is free you will require connectivity to download and to make use of its features. This may therefore result in data charges, for which we cannot be held accountable. We recommend you monitor your data usage.

Although the app provides easy access to specific and summary information and tools the registered rules of the scheme will always prevail. If we’ve made an error or mistake in any information or any calculation or process and this differs to the schemes rules or policies then the rules will be applied. We will of course endeavour to correct any such errors as soon after they are picked up as is practical. This app and our website are services which are provided to you free of charge. You’re not obliged to use either of them… However, if you do decide to make use of either of them you agree that we and our partners and service providers will not be liable for any compensation for damages or incorrect information arising in any way from your use of our apps or websites.

We require you to register and verify your identity in order to make use of the great features in this app:

  • You are only permitted to register with your own policy/membership number.
  • We advise you to choose your password carefully and keep it secret and secure
  • We also advise you to keep your phone secured and protected. Especially if you make use of the “remember password” feature of the app

Because we want to improve the services we provide to you we may gather information about how and when you use our apps and/or websites and their features.

Be aware that in order to provide you with the best available services, in the normal course of business we do from time to time need to share your details with business partners and trading partners.

You are not permitted to even attempt to reverse engineer, copy (besides of course for backup of your phone), decompile or use other devious methods to try to access data or systems or software other than through the user functionality provided in the app.

You acknowledge and agree that we may gather information regarding your usage of our apps and systems.

The app is provided free and we may add or remove features and/or access to the app entirely at our own discretion.

2Cana Solutions is the exclusive owner of all HiP (Health Information Platform) software and intellectual property (including HiP mobile apps). This software is licensed by our clients and thereby made available for your use.